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In today's dynamic society, it is nice to be able to withdraw now and then and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. We have a number of brands that specialize in making this the perfect moment.

From a carefully prepared slow coffee to a quick espresso, everything is possible. And of course it all looks equally stylish. From the smallest tea egg to the complete tea service.

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I don't need an inspirational quote

What I need is a freaking cup of coffee

LSA International, a privately owned British company, is considered one of Europe's leading brands of contemporary handmade glass and porcelain. Known for its unique style, original designs and durable quality, they launch 250 new products every year. All designs are by the designer and creative director Monika Lubkowska-Jonas, daughter of the founder. Monika's unique ability to create design, both timeless, classic pieces and highly fashionable accessories, stems from her love for both the old and the new.

LSA International is an inspiration for anyone with an interest in design and in creating a stylish and attractive environment to live, eat and, in this case, drink.

With the oldest technique in existence since 2000, but with the "looks" of today and tomorrow.

Coffee and tea are an important part of the day.
There are many possibilities to present and prepare the drinks. At TTP Concepts we have a wide range of possibilities. Total concepts that match what is trendy nowadays. 

Viva Scandinavia

On top Scandinavian from Denmark

With love for design, based on honesty, simplicity and functionality, they design products that make everyday life more fun and beautiful. That's why the innovative products are produced with the utmost attention to all involved. This makes Scandinavian design affordable for everyone. The words poetry and practical are often used to design products made of all kinds of materials. From a simply designed teapot, for your daily pleasure, to an elegant wine carafe for the most enjoyable time with friends. Viva Scandinavia assumes that everyone realizes that hard work and fun, so laughing hard, are equal to each other. Viva Scandinavia's beautiful products make it possible to intensely enjoy these moments at home with friends and family.

Just like a tea-egg, but for fresh coffee!

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