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At TTP Concepts we believe in sustainable entrepreneurship. We want to leave as small a footprint as possible on the earth. We meet our own energy needs by installing solar panels, we recycle, we keep our energy consumption as low as possible and we take a critical look at our packaging and transport policy.
In addition, it is not for nothing that we work with brands that deliver craftsmanship and high quality and make products that last a very long time.

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There is no excuse for single use!

That's why we embrace the initiatives of our brands that come up with solutions to reduce the use of single use plastics.
The brands HIP, Zoku and Sambonet, for example, have beautiful sustainable alternatives to plastic straws and the Aladdin brand comes with a good alternative to the standard disposable coffee mugs that you get everywhere with coffees.
But also the use of fresh cling film is no longer necessary with the Bee's Wax Wraps: cotton cloths soaked with beeswax in which you can store food well and for a long time.


 Buy a coffee, give a coffee

Barista & Co is such a brand for whom sustainable entrepreneurship is a serious business.
Not only do they deliver high quality articles, but they also give guidance on how to deal with them, so that they last as long as possible. Should something break, we have a replacement for almost every part, so that it can be repaired, instead of ending up in the garbage can.
In addition, the British company supports the 'Trees for Life' initiative. This organisation focuses on restoring and afforesting the Scottish Highlands and has already planted more than two million trees in the area.
They also support 'Project Waterfall, which offers clean drinking water, sanitation and education to areas where coffee is grown.
They also support 'Hope for Food': an organisation that offers help to homeless and poor people.
Their most recent initiative is called #Passiton. For every Barista & Co product sold, the company gives one coffee to a homeless or less fortunate person. Buy a coffee, Give a coffee!

Vacavaliente makes beautiful gift articles from recycled leather.

The company is always looking for solutions to social and environmental problems: they create sustainable products whose quality and timelessness discourage permanent replacement and excessive consumption. All products are made in Argentina from recycled leather, a material composed of remnants of natural leather from the leather industry that has been treated with water colours. In this way, the leather gets a beautiful second life. Because of their sustainable way of doing business, Vacavaliente has been appointed a Certified B Corporation, an international recognition for companies that are clearly committed to the environment, their working environment and the community.

Glassware at its finest

LSA International, one of our beautiful brands in glassware, has entered into a fruitful collaboration with the Eden Project. The Eden Project is an educational charity that connects people with each other and with nature and investigates how we can create a better world together. Together they have developed the Canope collection.
Central to this collection is sustainability, environmental awareness and the concept of transformation: how to transform discarded material into something usable. The entire collection therefore consists of items made by hand from recycled glass.
In addition, the packaging is made of recycled and recyclable materials and organic ink has been used to minimise environmental impact. Not for nothing has this collection won the prestigious iF Design Award 2019.

Eden Project with which LSA International is collaborating. 

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